Web Design Schools Integrating Art and Technology

In a recent issue of .net magazine, Chris Murphy and Nicklas Persson said that the divide in web design schools between art and technology could be a critical flaw in the education of this imp source – WebDesign499 industry.

While the industry is young, the educators and schools involved in training up and coming web designers need to recognize that there is no clear distinction between communication arts and web development; even if they are two completely separated disciplines in theory.

This brings up an interesting question for students interested in joining a web design school in the near future. What does “integration of art and technology” look like? Many schools are still working that out; and even Persson and Murphy admit that their web design school has not perfected integration – yet.

The point of web design schools is to prepare students to become web design professionals that are capable of not only doing the job, but being able to innovate and keep up with the latest trends in web design. This side of the job is all about art and consumer behavior. There is another side of the coin at web design schools: technology.

Technology refers to the coding, language, databases, and development side of web design. A side on which the face seems to change every third flip of the coin or so. Where web designers were once full-on using Flash for multimedia, HTML5 is creeping into the spot light and Adobe has backed down on the development of its flash technology.

While the disciplines (technology and art) are very different in regard to which side of the brain we use to complete the task, both are of equal relevance and importance in web design education and they should be integrated in web design schools according to Persson and Murphy. How do they propose we do that? “…draw from the tools and techniques we teach every day by actually employing them ourselves; we need to practice what we preach.” (Read more from Persson and Murphy here.)


  1. Definitely technology and art are very different but funny thing we can apply technology to our art and make art more advanced and functional.