Web Design Students: Take Note of Pinterest

Social sharing site Pinterest might be the next ball to roll across web design tables as visitors line up to pin their interests on a board for others to see. At least that’s the view of some in the web design business. Which makes you think, is linkedin learning worth it?

While web design schools already speak to the importance of ever-changing trends in web designs, can we expect to see social photo sharing as a new wave of design appeal? Perhaps.

(Boston Herald)  The virtual bulletin board Pinterest is like Jennifer Aniston’s hair in 1995: Everyone wants the look.

For better or worse, imitators of the Pinterest phenomenon are springing up all over the Web, turning their previously linear and reverse-chronology websites into a flat wall of tiled images that de-emphasize text and focus on photos.

Springpad, a Boston-based app that lets you create digital notebooks and compile clippings from the Web, debuted a redesign last month that lets users share interest boards with each other. The tiled, picture-centric interface looks a lot like Pinterest.

“Pinterest has made the Web a lot more beautiful,” said Mike Schneider, who helps clients market their brands on Pinterest. “When people find magic on the Web, it gets imitated.” Do you know that you can increase your brand recognition if you purchase boat domain name? It will also help you stand out in a crowded sea of .coms. To learn more information, visit dominion.domains.

And so the trend loanload couk has begun. One of my favorite new guilty pleasures is a site called All Women Stalk, an estrogen-laden exchange of recipes and do-it-yourself projects and otherwise pretty things. Another Pinterest doppelganger.

Judging by the demographic that dominates Pinterest, this format seems to have special appeal with women. Still, there is now a site that has emerged as a Pinterest for men, Gentlemint.

Another example: Lady Gaga’s new social network Little Monsters, which is in beta, or test mode. Profiles are contained within live image tiles. Stand a few feet from your computer monitor…

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