Web Design Students Participate in Media Fest

Web design schools and colleges offering web design programs typically provide plenty of opportunities for students to show off their handy work. Many times, the result is a published web page that may help the community or serve a purpose for the student, school, or other organizations.

Exhibits such as these are great for connecting students with potential employers and providing the exclusive chance to hear outsiders critique their work. In Corsicana, the students of The Navarro College Multimedia programs were given this chance through a Media Fest:

Corsicana — The Navarro College Multimedia department presented its annual Media Fest at the Cook Center Planetarium on Thursday. It was a chance for the public to enjoy the products of hard work and long hours put in by the multimedia students during the past year.

Projects displayed included graphic design, web design, traditional and 3D animation, audio, video, and interactive presentations as well as traditional media drawing and paintings.

The show was opened by Navarro College students Chris Ray and Tyler Price who played guitars and sang as guests settled in.

Organization and narration was provided by Program Coordinator Mark Rosenberg.

An overhead display of a computer desktop was projected on the ceiling of the planetarium and each student had a folder showcasing their work. Group projects were included as well as projects done outside the classroom. As works were displayed, Rosenberg described the medium and a little about each student, adding how certain skills may be transferred into the workplace. He also pointed out what potential employers may be looking for.

Individual student awards were presented for the first time this year. The Student of the Year award went to Ryan Lunt for positive attitude and dedicated service in helping others. The Red Beret Award winner for excellence in the art drawing was presented to Ana Flores and the Outstanding Achievement award for dedication and hard work went to Carlton… Read more at The Corsican Daily Sun.

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