Web Design Students Help Their Town Retain Tax Revenue

Students of web design classes in Lanier Charter Career Academy took part in a project with other students of the school to help their city retain more of the revenue by encouraging citizens to buy locally.

The student campaign started two years ago, but students have recently worked on expanding their program by creating a buyer’s discount card to encourage more people to shop local.

LCCA offers web design classes, culinary art classes, hospitality, and more to area high school students who are interested in getting a head start on their careers. Honor students in these programs are offered unique projects such as this to help them hone their career skills in a way that benefits them and the community. The school is run a coffee shop, gift shop, and restaurant as well as design lab and conference center where they regularly practice their career skills.

As a result of the Hall Pass (discount card) and other student-led initiatives, Hall County in Georgia is poised to retain much of their own tax revenue. Other initiatives include social media, upcoming events, and making the public aware of the great businesses in the county. Web design school students are able to practice their skills in these areas, as well as an interactive website designed by the group.

The students designing the website are from one area high school where they take web design classes at Flowery Branch High School. The site launched at the first of February. The website shows the significance of the school’s program to the local community and provides citizens with a good understanding of the economical problems facing the country when people choose to shop outside of the area.

The web design classes helped students to design the site (buyhallyall.com) which also provides information about the way buying locally impacts the count and business profiles, as well as offers coupons and information about the Hall Pass Discount Card.