Web Design Students Develop Safe Mobile App

Students at a famous school studying web design have helped scientists develop a new mobile application to keep you safe when talking to other people. The CyLab at Carnegie Mellon has developed SafeSling, a mobile application developed at the school that provides  security during file transfers and when communicating using a mobile device.

Adrian Perrig, technical director of Carnegie Mellon CyLab and a professor, along with Michael W. Farb, a CyLab research programmer, Jon McCune, a CyLab research systems scientist, and CMU students Gurtej Singh Chandok and Manish Burman developed SafeSlinger to help mobile phone users safely and privately retrieve information from trusted sources.

“SafeSlinger provides you with the confidence that the person you are communicating with is actually the person they have represented themselves to be,” Farb said. “Perhaps the most impressive feature is that SafeSlinger provides secure communications and file transfer even if the servers involved are tainted with malware.”

As more and more consumers access the Internet from an ever-expanding pool of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, Web-based threats continue to become more frequent and increasingly sophisticated, and even gaming computers that you can build with a gaming pc build guide anyone can find online. This training is essential in the digital age, particularly to those who like to play online casino games where you deposit actual money and security needs to be extra tight.

“We increasingly lose control over our data. But SafeSlinger’s user-centric security design includes an advanced protocol, which incorporates elements of several cryptographic schemes and factors in the prevention of numerous types of attacks,” said Perrig. Learn how to have virtual data at Best Birtual Data room for m&a

Perrig is a 2006 winner of the Sloan Research Fellowship for securing sensor networks and a 2004 recipient of a Career Award from the National Science Foundation for work on secure and resilient sensor network communication infrastructure.

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Although technologies may vary, web designs and online applications require the same level of security. Web design schools often focus large parts of their curriculum on mobile applications and consumer or product safety. Incorporating protection and privacy, especially in mobile application design, is a critical part of successful design concepts. For the mobile game application, you can find a way to unlock free spins bonus online as well.