Web Design Schools Continue to Spring Up Across the Nation

Web design schools seem to be growing in number as the nation turns more digital each year.

Despite the current turn out of thousands of new web development graduates each year, businesses across the country are saying that they still find it difficult to locate a properly trained web programmer to fulfill their project needs.

The whole world is “going digital” at an exponential rate, which is the most likely cause of the shortage in qualified web design candidates noted by businesses.

The huge demand is being met by new web development schools that have become a very smart investment for entrepreneurs and investors. Thanks to the obvious demand for web design schools, big investment firms are opening their wallets wide for ventures in this type of education.

Online schools as well as brick and mortar schools are on the rise, with many owners touting the effectiveness of online web design learning and studies. Not only are there more online schools being debuted than ever before, the designers of the web design schools are incorporating the popular elements of an online community into their course studies.

Treehouse Island, Inc is one of the newest companies to launch an online web design school. The company opened in November and offers services in multiple subjects relating to computer programming and mobile web development skills. The students of the online web design school can earn badges and online praise for completing quizzes and code challenges during the course of study.

A similar web design school, Codecademy has already received thirty-million hits since its launch in August. General Assembly is a physical web design school where students in New York may attend.

These types of online and offline web design schools are expected to keep springing up around the country in response to growing demand for programmers.