Web Design Schools, Web Design Programs on the Rise

News of high school web design programs preparing students for college in web design and other media and art discipline seems to be popping up every day from across the nation.

As the age of technology and internet commerce is ushering in the next generation of career professionals, schools are finding that web design is turning into part of a minimum education standard; one that might soon be expected to be in a student’s skill set before they ever step onto a college campus.

We talk a lot about web design schools and dual enrollment type of situation in which a student earns college credits from high school, but the trend that is showing more schools adding multimedia and web design to its standard curriculum indicates that there might be a shift in what we consider to be basic knowledge. Once upon a time, basic knowledge required to enter into a college environment included strong math, science, and communication skills.

With the advent of web design schools, basic knowledge included stronger math skills and the ability to learn a new language: the language of HTML and scripting. Even then, web design school included remedial courses to get students “up to par” for their chosen profession. But now we are seeing a shift in the way educators are looking at web design skills.

Some web design schools are already showing preference to students who have completed some of the basic web design studies before high school graduation. Add to this the ever-growing need for those already in the work place to be knowledgeable in web and media design and we see not a trend emerging, but a heightened standard in nearly all areas of business. Web design schools are bursting at the seams with new students, some of which are business veterans, who are trying to keep up or catch up with new standards.