NJ Web Design School for Special Needs to Enter Major Web Design Contest

A school in Wickatunk, New Jersey recently celebrated 85 years of service to students with special needs and will present an entry into a large web design competition.

Collier schools is a special high school program that implements specialty learning into the curriculum of special needs students, including a web design school that is creating a clear path to the future for some students.

Presently, the students in the web design school are working on a project that will be entered into the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s web design competition soon. Many of the students at the web design school have emotional and behavioral needs that made them outcasts at their former high schools.

The web design school program is just one of many special programs offered by Collier schools. Donated by Sarah van Alen Collier to the Sisters of the Good Sheppard, the alternative high school has been helping special needs students since 1927. It is a vast property that helps more than three-thousand young people across multiple programs. According to the school’s website, 79% of their students are now enrolled in college, 12% are in a vocational school, and 5% are seeking employment.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s web design competition is for high school student interested in web design and furthering their education in a college or web design school like the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The competition is sponsored by NJIT’s Information Systems Department in the College of Computing Sciences.

Students from Collier High School’s web design program have to enter in teams of 3 or 4 students each and focus their project on the design and analysis of web systems. On the school’s 85th anniversary, students were working on a scripting a database and their web designs for the competition.