Web Design Schools Showcase Year-long Projects

Web design colleges are wrapping up their spring terms this month, with many college students showing off the projects they’ve worked on all year. They are not alone, as high school students who are studying the fundamental principles of web design are also culminating their year with projects that show off their new found skills sets.

The students at Roxborough High School were recently recognized by their teacher for outstanding examples of web and film design from students studying the school’s technology programs. The program is named “Communications Academy” and is one of many in the nation producing the next generation of web designers and visual artists:

(Montgomery News) May 17th, 2012 – Last week, Roxborough High School faculty honored their own who showed exceptional talent, hard work and creativity. Roxborough High School’s Communications Academy held its second annual Communications Academy Spring Showcase.

“Today epitomizes what we want here at Roxborough High School,” said Stephen Brandt, principal of Roxborough High School.

Roxborough High School has excelled at film and web production. Roxborough’s web design students placed in all five categories in a recent School District competition and won best film for the second year in a row.

“You are doing great things and moving Roxborough forward,” said Brandt.

Roxborough submitted two short films at the Greenfield Youth Film Festival, “Fight” and “360.” Both were written, directed, and produced by Roxborough’s cinematography students. “Fight,” which recently won first place in the Digital Movie category at the School District of Philadelphia’s Computer Fair, was also honored at the Greenfield Youth Film Festival, receiving an award for Outstanding Achievement in Producing. Roxborough is the first non-magnet neighborhood high school to participate in the festival.

The showcase screened the students’ award-winning films. Some were comedic but others spoke volumes. Subjects such as bullying, gender issues, and familial troubles showed… read more here.

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