Web Design School Implemented at Maritime Business College

A college in Halifax decided to incorporate web design into its small business program, marking yet another instance of integration between web design schools and seemingly unrelated courses of study.

As the internet grows in popularity, schools are learning that students must be taught web design in addition to traditional studies regardless of their chosen discipline.

There aren’t many occupations that don’t require an element of web design if a professional intends to be successful. Many long-time career professionals are finding themselves in web design schools, too, just to remain competitive in their industries.

The Maritime Business College is just the last in an ever growing list of institutions that are offering web design school curriculum alongside the primary courses of study in degree programs.  The traditional small business program at the college offers information about accounting, management, sales, and business plans. All of these skills are geared at creating successful business owners, though the college’s website says the skills can apply to any business setting.

Adding to the likelihood of success in owning a small business,  the students of their small business curriculum were required to create a website as a requirement for the program.  According to a press release, 2011 was the first year that the Halifax school made a distinction between small business studies and web design courses.

Becoming a web designer or becoming a web master hinges on this fundamental study in web design schools and is a skill that Maritime Business College recognizes can either make or break its small business graduates. The web design portion of studies at the school focused on the basics in practical applications and theory, as well as the technicalities of creating a web site. Students were allowed to create web designs in WordPress, a popular website creation platform.