Summer Web Design School Helps Teens with Pre-College Portfolio

A summer school program could help young students interested in technology discover if they want to pursue higher education at a web design school.

A summer camp program in Albuquerque, New Mexico is offering students between the ages of seven and seventeen the opportunity to learn early some of the technical skills they will sharpen in a few years if they enter into a web design school.

The summer school program is part of the iD Tech Camps program and will be held at the University of New Mexico. While not an official web design school, the young students enrolled in the camp will spend their summer learning how to design programs, smart phone applications, web sites, and even video games.

Part of the design classes will teach students about some of the important programs that most graphic and web designers use in the professional industries around the world, including popular design programs from Adobe and Unreal, a game design software.  The skills and concepts they develop during summer school will be most useful later, when they apply to web design and graphic design schools.

By the end of the program, students put together all of the skills they’ve learned during the development of a program they can use to help them get into an accredited college. Younger students in the program have the opportunity to use their skills before web design school admission, through the development of their own web sites and even some micro business opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

iD Tech Camps is  a worldwide leader in providing summer camp programs for teenagers and pre-teens interested in design, graphic arts, and web design schools. Most summer programs are held at an accredited college that offers schools of web design and graphic arts where the students might later attend classes.