Web Design School in Detroit is Editors’ Choice

Detroit’s StyleLine Magazine chose a local art and web design college as the choice teaching facility in their area.

International Academy of Design and Technology in Detroit was chosen by the Detroit based publication because of its exceptional services and its interest of meeting the needs of women in web design and other art industries.

The magazine is dedicated to helping local women find services and has honored the web design college for the same reason.

School officials at the web design college believe that the publication’s choice mirrors the school’s dedication to offering all students access to the things that they need to meet their goals.

“When Detroit’s largest magazine picks IADT as an Editor’s Choice for Learning, it means we are truly making an impact on our students. We strive to educate students who want to stay and live in Michigan.” said Cynthia Bechill, the web design college’s president.

The web design school’s Fashion Design Program Chair, Julie Ann McEvoy, says that the students of the school influence the community.

“Our students raise money for local charities through fashion shows and other fashion-related events. We work with the American Heart Association on the Red Dress initiative and also design outfits for the Detroit Goodfellow dolls.” McEvoy said.

The publication pointed out that the school’s primary goal includes dedication to its students. StyleLine said that the staff is passionate about their students’ success and many of the instructors work in their industry in addition to teaching.

The magazine states that the International Academy of Design and Technology is a great place for students who wish to get the best in web design education by working with industry professionals. They are afforded the opportunity to gain real-world experience and personal insight into the web design industry through the school’s degree programs.