Web Design School is a Good Option When Changing Majors

Many students realize during the course of their education that they may need to change their major, which prompts some to consider enrolling in a web design school. .

For students who study technical fields like electronics, these transitional thoughts may come when they discover that they have a talent for a specific niche within their original study.

This was the case with one student who changed his career path. When Anatolie Patrascu moved to Canada, he had been earning a degree in electronic mechanics. He recently discovered that it was his specified training in web design that would serve him the best following graduation. He soon switched to web design school after arrival, claiming it held more interest to him. According to a Canadian publication, Valley Echo, he finally graduated from North Island College last year with his certification in web design.

“I just liked it better. It’s very interesting and it was always something I wanted to try. The programs at North Island College made it possible,” he said of his mid-education switch to web design.

He is now working fulltime at an online education company that hosts and designs websites for external clients. According to Patrascu, it was his training in web design school that made the difference and allowed him to meet the people he would later find inspirational in his quest for a career. While at the web design school he learned about web development and hosting, as well as design and professional hands-on training for his future career.

Tim Roth, a sales manager at the online education company said that they are happy with Patrascu and other students from the web design school. “Anatolie came to us with exceptional skills and attitude that proved he was ready for the job. We’ve always had good experiences with the NIC students we’ve hired,” he said.