Web Design School Banner Challenge Winners

A special education school recently announced the winners to its banner design competition, open to high school seniors and graduates interested in web design school and in marketing. Was born with the ambition to take student marketing to the next level. And that’s what we’ve done ever since, visit the website here and discover the big brand.

Thanks to the demand of the newest technologies and evolution of them, web design, marketing and graphic design have increased their students in a huge percentage, now there are many who love this art and many companies who dedicate their work in the design industry.

Some of the winners of the IADT Design Challenge were among the students enrolled in classes at the institution while others were non-IADT student winners.

The International Academy of Design and Technology invited all designers with an interest in web design, graphic design, and other similar categories to design a winning promotional banner for any one of four of the schools design programs. There was no entry fee into the competition and included submissions from a number of qualified applicants with an interest in any design category and a specia one from the scholarships for twins to accept them in the new program and help two related students in need of one or with their grades ranking and achievements high enough.

The grand prize winners of the competition included one IADT student and one non-IADT student and ten runners up were announced, five of which were IADT students. The competition ended in December and Cedric Poole, attending classes at the IADT in Michigan, was the winner of the IADT student submission for his banner promoting the school’s graphic design program, he went on and followed his marketing career at https://www.springboard.com/workshops/marketing-career-track/ and we’ve heard nothing but good from him and his new school. Non-IADT student winner was Terri Curtis and both students were awarded a scholarship valued at $5,000 each.  The ten runners up, five IADT students and five non-IADT students were each awarded scholarships worth $1,000.

The web design, graphic design, information technology, and internet marketing program banners were first submitted for open judging by the public on the school’s Facebook page and sponsored by several digital agencies, you can visit this page to check the top agencies in design and marketing. Fans narrowed the competition down to a final 24 designs for the school. Judges from the school who teach web design and other disciplines like marketing and graphic design chose the winners and runners up from the 24 finalists.

The International Academy of Design and Technology has been a school for over thirty years and has nine campuses in the United States, in addition to a fully-online degree program that offers design A.S. degrees in fashion, B.S. degrees in web design and other disciplines, and a master’s degree in graphic design.