Web Design Competition Open to College, High School Students in Ohio

University System of Ohio is holding a website design contest for a special new website.

The Choose Ohio First Website Design Contest is open for registration until February 5th.

The task for web design inclined students is to build and design a website for a new University Systems of Ohio initiative. The competition is open to all college and high school students and judging begins on April 3rd, winners to be announced on May 7th.

The new website will be targeted at Ohio students as a way to motivate them to obtain a college degree and advertises the scholarships made available from Choose Ohio First. According to the University System of Ohio, the website design should encourage students to go to college to study Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM)

More than 4,000 students have been awarded a STEMM Choose Ohio First scholarships in the past four years. The students winning these awards have studied in nearly thirty different programs and at more than forty schools in the state of Ohio, both at public and private colleges. The scholarships vary in value, from $1,500.00 to $4,700 each year for each awarded individual.

The winning web design entry will become the website design used for ChooseOhioFirst.org and the college or high school students who are responsible for the design will gain recognition through that website. Other prizes include a letter of recognition from the Chancellor of the Board of Regents and a feature section on the website for the University System of Ohio (ohiohighered.ord). Press releases to the media will also garner attention for the winning web design, and college or high school students.

The winning web design will meet all of the criteria set forth by Choose Ohio First, including STEMM studies encouragement, branding alignment, and program highlights that include the scholarship fund and other Ohio education goals. The web design entries from college and high school students must also demonstrate ease of navigation and cross-browser compatibility.