Web Design College Exceeds Tradition

Students learning web design at Chattanooga Technical College in Tennessee are getting a new program in January of next year.

The new Web Applications Design program will be combined with other existing computer technology programs.

The web design classes will provide a wide perspective into the many technological aspects of web site design as it relates to computer programming.  The school is recognizing the increasing demand for mobile and internet web designers and application developers, a demand being driven by social media and the advent of smarter mobile technologies.

The web design classes at the technical college will be a part of many other offerings through the school, including computer programming, application development, and media production.

This new program will focus more on the aesthetics of web design to compliment the technical programming aspects of design. Web design classes are intended for an audience interested in computer programming that need the slant learning in visual design to compete in their discipline.

The school says that approximately 75 students are enrolled in the program currently offering web design classes and they hope that those students will take advantage of the new program.

Web design classes that are set to begin in January under the new program will run the course of the two year program for full time students. The program will start out with the basics of HTML and CSS and move on to social media and database connection. The web design classes will run alongside application development training where students will have the opportunity to choose coding language they would like to use in the process.

Chattanooga Technical College is working with this program and streamlining all of their similar web design classes to make sure that industry standards are being met at the time of graduation. This should also help improve job offers.

Students may take classes at the Marietta campus, but most of the web design classes are offered through online systems.