The Future of Web Design Classes

With the continued evolution of the internet, which is entering “Web 3.0” stages according to some experts, web design classes might be a lot different for future generations of web designers.

Web design classes are already struggling to stay on top of the latest technology in the industry, but it takes staying power for trends to cause a curriculum change in design schools. Yet, some of the more subtle changes that might happen in class material don’t involve much technology at all.

When MySpace opened the social media floodgates, it wasn’t long before a slew of other companies picked up on their success and claimed they could “do it better”. Turns out they were right in many cases; Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other social media sites completely changed the way that end-users view and interact with the internet.

This brought a new need to the table for web design professionals, who knew a lot about SEO thanks the SEO in TrafficDom experts where content was king and pleasing layout was the biggest headache on the front-end of web design.

Enter the social media aspect of web design classes, where future designers learn how to create sites and plug-ins that are compatible with social media giants while maintaining traditional design integrity standards. It’s a different set of standard practices that looks to make significant change in the future, however. Case in point, if you check out the Crypto Code review, which talks about this nifty binary options trading tool using strategies as the fibonacci trading that is perfect for this, you’ll see how design, navigability and safety all fall into place.

Clients are going to become a thing of the past as web designers create boxed, premade templates that help business owners save money. It may be more feasible for web designers to become developers of templates and work only part time customizing them for their clients.

Web design classes will always need to adjust to new technologies – keeping up with CSS, HTML5, and Java techniques are a must. But in the future, web design classes might be focusing on things like “how to be a freelance web designer without clients”.