School in Session for Teachers who need to Learn Web Design

Web design schools know a thing or two-hundred about running an online curriculum, but this isn’t true for all institutions.

Teachers from colleges around the nation are finding it necessary to go back to school, so to speak, to learn how to create, administer, and manage online course curriculum.

As the methods employed to carry our online curriculums advance, professionals are heading back to class to learn web design. There are already several industry leaders in the business of teaching education professionals the basics of web design. This kind of training enables teachers to better correspond with their student body, which is largely made up of young people who grew up in the age of the internet.

One such company is the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research. They are currently hosting an ongoing course about web design for various school alumni and faculty members at a number of institutions. This seems to be an issue that members of the education community are facing head-on as they embrace the new technologies available to them.

An associate director from CTAAR, Joe Delaney, was recently quoted saying “Assuming you’ll be doing presentations, conferences or publishing research, doing that on a website, knowing how to put that together in a way that’s presentable for public viewing is very important.” Delaney also sells his advanced web design training as a job security feature for teachers. “They set up these different certificate programs and they have different people throughout the University teaching the sessions. So if they go looking for other jobs or another university, they can use that as a credential,” Delaney said.

Plenty of career professionals have headed back to web design schools in recent years and teachers are an obvious group that would be interested in this type of training. Whether they seek web design schooling for the purpose of career advancement or complete career change, technological vocation training is a hot ticket item for mature students.