Students of Web Design Create Hit Video

A group of students in the web design program at their high school created a hit YouTube video as part of a class project recently.

The students were in the McCook High School’s Web Design II and Web Design III classes in McCook, Nebraska. What started out as a fun class project, resulted in a hit video and drummed up significant interest in the program among other students.

The video is only six minutes long, but represents every sector of the student population at the high school and it was all choreographed, shot, edited, and produced by the school’s web design students.

Titled the “MHS 2012 Lip Dub”, the video features many students lip-syncing the lyrics of Stereo Heart as the camera takes viewers on a walk through the halls of the school with students lined up on all sides. One at a time, random students pop into and out of the frame, each lip syncing a line or two of the song as they make their way through the school. The video represented a student from each of the groups at the school.

Starting in the school’s band hall with a group vocal chorus to set off the song ensemble, moving down the halls past football players, basketball players, club members, and regular students leads the viewer to the grand finale in the gym where there are still students running in from the hallways to take part in the final moments of the video and song.

One of the most challenging parts of the school project was staying in sync with the song, the teacher said. In an interview with McCook Gazette, web design instructor Bill Ramsay said, “One of the most important things to them was that it didn’t look like some ‘Godzilla’ movie, with the singers out of sync with the song.”