Report Hints at Choosing the Best Web Design School

The U.S. News and World Report recently published another of its famous “best of” lists; this one relates directly to the quality of computer technology programs like online web design schools.

Web design schools seem like an obvious choice for those with an interest in computer technology and the need for flexible online course and the report says that choosing wisely could mean a great education.

The report broke down the ranking into several important categories relating to web design schools, especially the online variety: Faculty and Training, Student Services and Technology, Student Engagement and Accreditation, and Admissions Selectivity.

So who made their lists? Colleges that offered online and offline classes made the top of their lists this year. Among them are names you might expect to see on a “top web design schools” list from any source – John Hopkins, Colorado State, Penn State, and North Carolina State University.

As a side note, Pennsylvania State University made the top three in two of the categories and made it to one of the top 10 spots across all categories. (You can see the complete list on their website.)

Why were these categories chosen to create their list? Most likely because these are the things that any future student should look into when searching for a good web design school.

Although U.S. News and World Report used an emailed survey, they asked the kinds of questions a student or parent should ask of their prospective web design schools. Questions like ‘how much of the web design school is taught online?’ and ‘how many students are enrolled in the web design school?’

U.S. News methodology sheet says that they asked these kinds of questions about the school’s specific programs, not through the lens of the entire school. This is important for students, too, because the school may have a great “school” and a not-so-great “program” at the school.