NJ Web Designer Classes now Accepting Students Anthem Institute locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Anthem Institute locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are now enrolling students who want to become a web designer and those interested in a career in media design.

The web design college’s new diploma program will teach the skills required for designing business and other types of websites that are interactive and appealing.

Students at the web design college program will learn the foundations of web design including standard coding languages like PHP and XHMTL along with common scripting languages. The goal for web design students is to use a full range of skills to create appealing websites that engage the end user.

Web design students must also learn aesthetic designs, so the web design classes will include training on popular imaging and editing software by Adobe. The schools intents to teach them how to use a full suite of software programs including Photoshop, one of the most popular image software programs, as well as Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator.

Chief Academic Officer at Anthem says that “Students will follow the website development process in a real-life situation,” Students in web designer classes will also interact with their clients, manage the projects and deployment of sites, and learn to use accepted standards in design and implementation.

Project development will be another core focus in web design classes at the institute. Managing the development, design, and launch of a professional website is critical to the success of a website as well as the success of anyone striving to become a web designer.

The new web design classes at Anthem Institute will begin in January of next year, but sessions will be available throughout 2012 for registration.

Anthem has four locations across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and a location in Las Vegas. The web design classes may be taken at Anthem Institutes in Cherry Hill, NJ and Springfield, PA.