New Web Design Degrees Seattle-based Art School

A well-known web design school announced this week that it will be adding two new degree programs to its Seattle campus curriculum.

The International Academy of Design and Technology is now providing students at its Seattle location with the option to earn an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design and Development. Both degrees will offer students of the school a detailed working knowledge of basic and advanced web design and development skills.

In degree programs at dedicated web design schools, students learn how to complete every step of the web design process, leaving them open to many opportunities across various industries upon completion of their chosen program. Graduates may choose to become an employee or a freelance contracted agent for multiple clients.

Using the steps of successful web design, graduates from a web design school can choose to work as a general website master or creator by employing all of the steps to successful web design and development, including gathering information, planning, designing, developing, testing, delivery, and maintenance of web sites and site systems. Further, each of the steps learned in a web design school can lead to an occupation where the graduate focuses on a single, but significant, portion of the process.

Potential jobs for this degree are numerous, if not limitless – almost all industries require web designers and developers. The actual job duties of a designer might encompass all positions: website designer, developer, writer, and producer. Alternatively, large companies and firms hire employees to manage or execute individual parts of the process.

One web design school graduate may obtain employment as a lead or support web designer that works primarily on front-end visual effects, while another graduate of the same program and web design school may become a web developer that works on back-end databases and user tools.