Infographics Could Change Web Design Classes

Infographics are changing the way we experience information in the world of the internet; a trend that could eventually trickle down to web design classes and graphic design desks.

While we are still exploring the wonders of having tons of data illustrated in a nice, reasonably articulated graphic design that beats the old “pie chart” method, infographics are becoming more and more popular on the World Wide Web.

It’s election season, so we are seeing plenty of infographics floating around the pundit web pages and on social media sites; but how long are they going to be here? Is it just a passing trend or something that will take hold and never let go like so many other “trends” among the web community? While it may be impossible to say one way or the other right now, there is some strong evidence that web design classes will be covering “infographics 101” at some point in the future.

Modern internet users want to get in and get out, meaning: the faster we can get our information and move on, the better we feel about our experience with a particular website. Since it is an election year, a good example of a website that is heavily using infographics to its advantage is the Center for Responsive Politics. On a fairly consistent basis, this organization spits out infographics with one thing in mind: get the point across within just a few seconds.

It may have started well before web design schools even existed, back when the very first food pyramid was published. With our collective attention span dwindling and more information than ever being published on the ‘net, it is exceedingly difficult to keep up with who’s doing what, which company is helping which school, and even which foods we should eat the most. This desire for quick information may take infographics to the forefront of information sharing and, eventually, web design classes.