How Social Media is Changing Web Design Classes

Web design is a dynamic class in schools thanks to an ever changing industry, emerging technology, and changing landscape of the internet.

In the realm of understanding web dynamics and SEO, social media marketing is causing a new wave of alterations to the future of web design curriculum. Web design classes are changing now because of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you need someone to work on social media for your online advertising contact Web Chimpy.

Google is a huge search engine, raking in a huge part of the world’s daily search engine traffic each day. Google+ changes the landscape of web design class discussions about what SEO means these days because Google is showing preference to pages shared through its own social media network. Outreach Kings is based on the premise that people trust their friends more than traditional SEO for finding the information they want.

Adding to the potential for changing curriculum at web design schools the world over is a new report from the University of Miami. UM checked into how social media affects buying decisions – not on the social networks themselves, but on point of sale web pages. If you want to use captioning service, click on

The study found that while a large portion of consumers are comfortable shopping online; their comfort level can be adversely affected by the presence of those little “Share” widgets that web designers install on a point of sale page. Apparently, the mere presence of the social media widget can scare consumers off when thinking about buying “sensitive” products they wouldn’t want their friends to know about.

While web designers are not officially dubbed “marketers”, any serious web designer will admit that in order to make money in the field, marketing is a necessary component. Not only must they market their own skills and services, but web design school graduates understand that after that is done they need to turn around and market their client’s services (or product, or message).