High School Web Designer Puts Teens to Work in NJ

Thanks to the help of schools who are helping teens learn and  building interest in the web development and design, more teens are using their imagination and brain power to come up with real solutions for the world. A high school sophomore in New Jersey has joined the ranks of numerous other web designers who came up with a great invention and gained notoriety before ever completing a high school level web education.

(Nj.com) If you’re a Cranford teenager, then high school sophomore Sarah Jacobus wants to find you a job.

It was back in September when Cranford High School’s Jacobus began YES (Youth Employment Services) Cranford —a website where Cranford businesses can post job listings and teenagers can apply for those jobs.

Jacobus, 16, said the website began as a project for an entrepreneurship class she had enrolled in at the high school. After creating an outline for the idea, she used the tools she had learned in her web design class to build a user-friendly website.

Now, Jacobus says, she has 137 users on the site “as of fifth period” on Thursday, with about 50 daily visitors on average, and she hopes those numbers grow in the coming weeks.

“I like it because it’s local. You go [on the website] and it’s Cranford. If you want a babysitting job, you don’t want to have to drive to Union or all these other places. This is Cranford,” Jacobus said.

After signing up on YESCranford.com, business and teenagers are free to interact and post any job related material. Jacobus says she is looking for advertisers but wants to keep her website’s focus on service.

The high school has supported her project so far, Jacobus said. The principal sent out a blast email to students and parents about the project earlier this year. Jacobus also posted flyers in the hallways…

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