Google+ Could Spell Changes for Web Design Classes

Web design classes might be looking at a significant addition to their curriculum in the coming years thanks to Google.

As Google+ grows in popularity, more and more searches will be tailored to what an individual’s friends recommends rather than publicly ranked search results.

Many experts in the field who are privy to social media advertising and the things that make social media networks, well, “work” say that Google+ has a long way to go before it becomes competition for social network giant Facebook. Nevertheless, as the owner of the only social network directly linked to the world’s most popular search engine (controlling 66% of all search traffic in the world),  the massive company is working on redesigning everything we know about search engine optimization.

So for what might web design classes of the future have to compensate in the way of curriculum? The short answer is, no one really knows. That is, the experts are still unsure about how Google’s integration of social network recommendations into search results will ultimately impact a company’s exposure to the coveted top three spots in the search rankings.

What we do know is that there may come a day when businesses will need to put as much effort into a Google+ profile as they do into a Facebook account, if not more. Unlike Facebook, Google search results so far are still driven by good, old fashioned SEO methods.

Web design classes teach us how to format language, use proper headings and tags, and that the text content published on the site is just as important as link popularity. According to expert speculation (Google is, of course, tight lipped about this) an individual user’s recommendations will be based on their friend’s habits and recommendations. This is an entirely new facet of web design that forward thinking classes will focus on in the near future.