GA Web Design College Updates Curriculum

A web design college in Georgia is replacing its dated Web Site Design program with a new, improved Web Applications Design program next year.

Chattahoochie Technical College offers web design classes in Marietta, GA and says that the new program will be aligned with IT courses offered at the school.

The web design college will offer a more broad-based study on the concept of web design to include modern modalities of design and programming. Social media, wiki pages, and new mobile wireless devices are calling for more schools to make similar types of changes to their curriculum.

These areas of study were once considered niche’ type specialties, but with Facebook marketing, Twitter feeds, and the blogosphere becoming a main-stay of information for most consumers, specialized web design strategies are becoming main stream necessities. This update will allow the students of the web design college to be more competitive in their career market.

The web design college at Chattahoochee Technical College is one of many schools making this type of update to its program offering. CTC instructor Steve Prettyman said it best in an interview with the CTC Campus News publication: “With smart phones, iPads, and Web 2.0 (blogs, wiki, social media) there is a large increase in demand for web application developers that can interface Web 2.0 technologies with web sites and wireless devices.”

Because of the nature of studies in a web design college, many schools are also offering most classes online. This provides the opportunity for both distance learning and a flexible student schedule. More and more technical college students are working professionals who are seeking a new career path to increase their stability in the work place. Web design colleges, along with studies in the fields of nursing, graphic arts, and cosmetology are seeing a spike in enrollment from working adults for this reason.