Florida School Gives iPads to Web Design Students, Others

A school in Lakeland Florida decided to give web design students and others attending the institution an advantage over some other schools.

By providing qualifying students with their own iPad as part of their tuition costs, Lakeland’s Florida Technical College is taking learning from the classroom to the streets, or anywhere.

Web design students will find it easier to access information to help them learn to build websites or become a webmaster on the go with one of the new mobile devices. The college has found a way to wrap the costs of the devices into the cost of tuition. The web design students who are awarded an iPad will be able to keep their devices after school, since the cost is included.

The program is available to all students at the Florida Technical College, including locations at Deland, Pembroke Pines, Kissimmee and Orlando. Faculty members are also eligible to take advantage of the new program and students who are coming back to the school may apply for the devices.

With much popularity among students and faculty, web design students and anyone else interested in obtaining an iPad through the school must speak with a financial counselor.

Training representatives have been on campus to provide training for the students, including tutorials on how to use some of the applications that are installed especially for the curriculum at the school. The device comes equipped with many programs that will help web design students experience success in their studies, including tracking applications to help them keep up with school tasks, applications for taking notes, and sharing files. The new devices are making it possible to access multiple online library resources, too.

Though the cost of a term can be as much as $5,000 for some students, many students qualify for financial aid to assist in paying for supplies such as the iPad. Web design classes are just one of many programs at the school, which also offers degree programs in cosmetology, web design, culinary arts, and others.