Florida College Recognizes Need for Web Design Skills in Other Disciplines

Not all college students who learn web design intend to become a web master some day.

A Florida college is adding web design to its curriculum for students in journalism and communication; a “must have” for contemporary communication majors.

The University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communication is introducing an online Master of Arts program aimed at making mass communication professionals that are also well versed in web design and online communications.

Web design is a necessary component for any future communicator since online broadcasting is now a global, and arguably necessary, component of communication, media, and journalism. Put simply, today’s journalists can’t compete in their field without intimate knowledge of web design.

As Michael Weigold, the associate dean for undergraduate affairs pointed out on the school’s web site, “More and more working professionals see the need to earn a master’s degree or complete a certificate program to expand the breadth of their education and increase their attractiveness to employers.”

The program is interactive and offered wholly online from the college, web design being the portion that will require the most interaction between the student and the web design teacher. The instructors and faculty responsible for web design studies at the college are strongly experienced in web design, theory, and education methods.

The web design schooling is available to students who want to enroll full time at the University of Florida and professionals who need or desire to add web design to their career skill set. The new program kicks off in January of 2012 and can be completed through part time enrollment at the college.

The specialized communication and journalism degree is given over three terms and incorporates 37 credits. The web design program’s classes may be spread out with two classes per term for part time students or four classes per term for full time students.