Edu Technology Spells Demand for Web Design Schools

A recent expo focusing on scholastic technology is just one more sign that web design schools will continue to be in high demand for years to come. As school districts steadily get on board with the latest and greatest in education technology, web design and development schools will need to be ready to handle a significant increase in interest from the newest generation of tech-savvy students.

Held last Thursday, March 29, the expo turns the tables and makes students the teachers; for every piece of technology on display, there was a student on hand to explain how it is used in class, and how the it asset disposition is one of the best assistance there could be when it comes to IT support.

In one room, sixth graders Nolan Quinn and Cameron Berg were armed with iPads and ready to demonstrate the advantages of a textbook their language arts teacher, Darren Gunn, created from an iBook of Treasure Island. Students may access the textbook through iPads.

Mr. Gunn can imbed notes, audio clips, and even pictures in the text of the book. When a student misses a class, questions Mr. Gunn asked that day are there in the pages.

Students may also highlight words to get definitions, or add notes of their own. During group discussion, groups of students will collaborate and use the iPad at the same time.

“It makes reading a lot more fun,” said Nolan.

According to Nolan and Cameron, there are usually two iPads their classroom students must share.

Still, Mr. Gunn’s textbook “ultimately makes it much easier to read,” said Cameron.

Also being showcased on Thursday were the SMART Boards that fill more and more classrooms across the district, and document cameras like the body camera, which teachers use to project a magnified image of whatever they’re working on onto a screen.

Less visible, but no less effective, were SoundFields, voice amplification systems that allow students anywhere in the classroom to hear their teacher clearly.

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