College offers Job Placement for Graphic and Web Design Students

A college of design in Ohio is announcing that after decades educating the community in graphic arts, web design, and other forms of multimedia it will collaborate with local US businesses to enrich the experience of its students, they could even have the opportunity to work with the NYC Sign Company after gathering that much experience. Job placement and stability following college is an important consideration in any field of study, so having a school that helps web design graduates land their first job will be an attractive benefit for students in Cincinnati.

(PRWEB) In a groundbreaking collaborative effort by Cincinnati area businesses, along with AIC College of Design, 100 scholarships worth $6000 each will be awarded to top art students interested in attending the fall program. Each student must be recommended by their high school art instructor and ready to attend college beginning with the fall semester.

Cincinnati’s premier, 36-year old graphic design school, AIC* College of Design announced this week a groundbreaking collaboration of ten area businesses to create “Partners in Art Education.” This outstanding program answers the need for art instruction in the everyday workplace. With practical courses like Graphic Design, Illustration, Package Design, Digital Photography, Multi-media, Interactive Media and Web Design, AIC College of Designstudents enter the work place with the skill sets needed to hit the ground running.

“One of the things that makes our college unique,” said co-founder Marion Allman, “is that we spend a lot of time helping them get placed in a job suited for their skills and training. We work with numerous companies in our area, and across the country, which uses the educational services we provide to our students. Additionally, we create a full color “Creative Hiring Guide” at the end of the school year featuring each of our graduating students with a full-page of their projects for prospective employees to view… On other promotions, checkout fixing a broken air conditioner unit DIY.

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