Adobe Photoshop CS5 Upgrade [Mac]

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Upgrade [Mac]

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Upgrade [Mac] Rating:
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  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 software redefines digital imaging with a focus on photography; breakthrough capabilities for superior image selections, image retouching, and realistic painting; and a wide range of enhancements.
  • Create and refine images using state-of-the-art photography tools that deliver superior results with unprecedented ease and in fewer steps than ever before.
  • Explore new creative possibilities with breakthrough tools that enable you to select, adjust, paint, and recompose images with tremendous precision and freedom.
  • Accelerate your workflow with fast performance on 64-bit hardware systems, smoother interactions thanks to GPU acceleration, and dozens of time-savers throughout the application.
  • Easily manage media with more flexible batch renaming, and access your assets in the context of what you're working on by using the customizable Adobe Mini Bridge panel in Photoshop.


  1. R. A. Delaney says


    this is much the same as CS4 but with a few new features,but one thing you should know is that most plug-ins currently only work in 32bit,therefore you must start it in 32bit(double click on the PS icon in finder and “get info”,then tick the box “open in 32bit”).The problem here is that PS CS5 can only access 2gb ram max,unlike 32bit CS4 which can access 4gb ram,so perhaps it would be wise to hold on to your cs4 until all the plug-ins are re-written as 64bit,most will be available in the next 3 months.apart from this its a nice upgrade!

  2. Felix Diaz says


    The Content Aware fill and the lens corrections alone are worth the upgrade from CS4 to CS5.

  3. Anonymous says


    I’ve used PhotoShop for more than 20 years, and this upgrade lives up to the promises I read in photo and computer magazines. I haven’t learned many of the capabilities yet, but the selection capabilities alone are worth the upgrade cost.

  4. Mountainman says


    There are a couple of specific enhancements in this release that I have been wishing I had, so for me the price of the upgrade was worth it.

    I’ll just put it in a nutshell here. If any of the following applies to you, it’s probably worth your money to upgrade:

    * you have a 64-bit computer and operating system;

    * your computer processor has two or more cores, and your operating system uses them;

    * you like to create 360º panoramas (see the caveat below);

    * you like to create tone-compressed photos from HDR;

    * you have a need to fill in large chunks of missing sky (such as from shading your lens).

    Now the details:

    The speed improvement of running in 64 bits, and having sub-processes distributed among multiple processor cores, cannot be overemphasized. The speed improvement from this feature alone (assuming you have the hardware and OS for it) is worth the price of the upgrade.

    Only the extended edition will do 360º panoramas (WARNING: they will require Flash Player to view). I wish I had known that; I’m stuck with having to use other clunky, slow, and quirky panorama software until my next upgrade.

    The prior version of PS would merge a 32-bit HDR file from a stack of bracketed exposures, but lacked any facility to compress the result into a tone-mapped image. You had to buy other software to do that. This release contains that capability; however, it is possible that those other 3rd-party apps still do a better job of it. I haven’t made up my mind about that yet.

    One thing that I have really wished I had through the years has been delivered with this release: the ability to fill in large chunks of missing sky, either because I had to shade the lens and got my lens shade in the photo, or just simply having pieces of sky missing after stitching together a panorama. They call it “content-aware fill” and it’s pretty good.

    I rate it four stars instead of five only because I’m a perfectionist who only gives five stars maybe once or twice in my life.

  5. Rating

    Once you try the new CS5 version of Adobe Photo Shop you will never go pack to CS4. The new features will save you so much time. Plus they are even fun to use.



    Received my copy of CS5 from Amazon,installed and then found out

    all my filter plug-ins don’t work on this 64 bit cs5,and are not going

    to work till you upgrade! Also my twain device,doesn’t show up,so

    see-ya $300 Canon scanner,same with my Canon print-pro plug-in,

    so easy printing is gone.

    You would think adobe would have a warning somewhere,but you

    will find out after they cash your check…….

  7. J Sternfeld says


    The new features of CS5 are great. Content aware fill is awesome. And I really like the new sampling tool that gives you a range of colors. My one problem with it was that on occasion I use the Web Photo Gallery. This had to be downloaded and installed separately – no problem in itself – but in order to use it, Photoshop must be opened in 32-bit mode.

  8. Personne says


    Upgrades to Photoshop are expensive enough that many users only take every other opportunity. I violated that rule this time by going right from CS4. It’s definitely worth it to me. Because it’s now a 64-bit app, it’s possible to allocate much more memory (if you’ve got it), speeding up edits for very large photographs or images with many layers. It also appears to take greater advantage of my multicore Mac.

    Most of my Photoshop work is with photos and there are a number of noticeable improvements. Context-sensitive fill makes it really easy to remove part of the image and replace it with data from the rest of the image. In most cases, it appears to do what you want, with only occasional touch-ups from the healing brush. It makes the job of removing power lines, road signs (and people) nearly trivial. There are also huge improvements in assembling HDR images and panoramas. In both applications, the auto-alignment works much better than previous versions–so much that I’ve been able to do a lot more with handheld shots. HDR Pro also gives you greater control of tone, contrast and saturation. To my eye, it’s night and day from CS4 to CS5.

    There are many more improvements–some large, some small–but even the handful of things I’ve mentioned have been big timesavers. This is a nice little bump.

  9. S. Burleson says


    I upgraded from CS3 and love the selection tool’s ‘refine edge’ that outlines individual hairs on a person’s head for you. There’s a new transform ‘puppet’ tool that will let you bend a selection into any shape. And a healing brush that will remove unwanted objects (like telephone wires) with one swipe because of a ‘content aware’ check box. I recommend it highly.

  10. Vincent Solomito says


    slow, some strange occurrences with keywords seeming to have a mind of their own, but image editing is superb.