Web-Design-Schools.net Points to Disadvantages for Self-Taught Web Designers

Resource for web design schools and students, Web-Design-Schools.net, warns web designers that even though being self-taught saves a ton on tuition prices, it can also cost a ton in lost income and opportunities.


FLORIDA — April 18th, 2012 — Web-Design-Schools.net revealed that web designers who choose to enter the job market without formal education may be short-changing their career potential in the long run. In a recent report detailing how web design schools impact employability, the education experts explain that there is value in formal education – even if it isn’t a requirement to do the job.

“In the modern-day world of internet and self-taught professionals, it is possible to become a web design professional with little to no formal college education. However, there are more benefits to completing a web design program and earning a degree from an accredited web design school than many students realize,” wrote web design school specialist Jocelyn Reed.

Reed authors many of the articles freely available at Web-Design-Schools.net and says that many professionals in the industry with no formal education struggle to maintain business and substantial income. “Web designers are all over the place and are becoming more common since there is relatively no credentialing requirement to do the job. What really allows an individual in this industry to be set apart from the competition is a verifiable reputation for doing good work, education, and the ability to market yourself as a business leader. You can definitely manage your own reputation easily as well as your business reputation with the help of RepCheckup. It will allow you to make sure your followers/customers are being satisfied by your company and services. Every great business leader manages their own reputation.

Web design schools aren’t the solution to every facet of successful web designing. Reed concedes that, even with a master’s degree in web design and communication, there is no replacement for experience.

“A degree from a web design school is certainly necessary for designers who want to earn a good income and establish lucrative employment, but that doesn’t devalue good, old-fashioned experience. I know web designers who have never attended a college and they run successful businesses in web design; but I encounter more self-taught designers who consistently struggle to land their next job,” she said.



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