Students of Web Design Create Hit Video

A group of students in the web design program at their high school created a hit YouTube video as part of a class project recently. The students were in the McCook High School’s Web Design II and Web Design III classes in McCook, Nebraska. What started out as a fun class project, resulted in a hit video and drummed up significant interest in the program among other students. The video is … [Read more...]

Web Design School Racks up Competition Awards

A new web design competition in New York City this month brought together more than 100 competitors, including many from area web design schools and design academies. The first ever “Design Hackathon” hosted by the news and article publication simply known as GOOD saw students from web design programs at Yale, Parsons, Carnegie Mellon, and other schools competing to create a learning tool that … [Read more...]

Infographics Could Change Web Design Classes

Infographics are changing the way we experience information in the world of the internet; a trend that could eventually trickle down to web design classes and graphic design desks. While we are still exploring the wonders of having tons of data illustrated in a nice, reasonably articulated graphic design that beats the old “pie chart” method, infographics are becoming more and more popular on … [Read more...]

Choosing a Web Design School That Keep Students Happy

We often talk about the need for web design schools to stay current on the latest and greatest trend in web design and the arts industries, but how does this translate for the students that attend those courses? According to some expert sources out there, the reasons that some students seem so dissatisfied with certain web design schools are outdated curriculum and class plans that do little to … [Read more...]

Where Fashion and Web Design Classes Meet

Canada’s fashion week is wrapping up and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is right around the corner, but why should students in web design schools care about what’s happening in the fashion world? Fashion design and web design seem like very distant creative fields to most people, but these two professions and education options have much more in common than they may present at first … [Read more...]

HTML5 is Changing the Way Web Design Schools do Business

Web design schools and teachers are learning more about the newest online learning technologies since Adobe put off developing its popular flash player. HTML5 is becoming more prevalent in online education developments, leaving room for growth in web design classes for students and teachers, alike. Online classes are becoming more and more popular as the years pass by. Once thought to be an … [Read more...]

Web Design Schools bring Best Job Prospects

Web design schools have seen great success in the last decade with good reason; even as the economy begins its recovery, enrollments in web design classes continues to rise year after year. This is a fact that led U.S. News and World report to name web developer jobs as one of the best jobs for 2012; within that genre it is easy to see why web design majors, website masters, and web and graphic … [Read more...]

Web Design Students Help Their Town Retain Tax Revenue

Students of web design classes in Lanier Charter Career Academy took part in a project with other students of the school to help their city retain more of the revenue by encouraging citizens to buy locally. The student campaign started two years ago, but students have recently worked on expanding their program by creating a buyer’s discount card to encourage more people to shop local. LCCA … [Read more...]

How Social Media is Changing Web Design Classes

Web design is a dynamic class in schools thanks to an ever changing industry, emerging technology, and changing landscape of the internet. In the realm of understanding web dynamics and SEO, social media marketing is causing a new wave of alterations to the future of web design curriculum. Web design classes are changing now because of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and … [Read more...]

Web Design Classes Still Reigning in Jobs

Web design classes can save some college graduates from a future of disappointment as they go about their very first job search according to some big news sources. According to a new report in Forbes Magazine, up to 60% of college graduates are having a hard time finding gainful employment after leaving school. It’s true: Some college graduates are unable to find work in today’s economy, but as … [Read more...]