Students Contest for My Harvard Web Design

A group of students at Harvard will be working on a new website design for the school’s HUIT My Harvard site this year. The school may be getting a new website design, but the student whose design is chosen will receive special recognition that will be invaluable to their resume in the future. Web design students generally work on a portfolio during their years in college. Being able to claim the … [Read more...]

Web Design Instructor Reminds Students, Communication is Key

Web design schools focus on more than the trade of web site creation and visual effect; many focus on communication as the glue that holds together successful web design careers. As one instructor tells her students "Employers need to see that an employee can represent them well by speaking and writing well.” According to the report on a web design school in California, the school is looking to … [Read more...]

Web Design Students Present Work to Art Students

Web design students participated in a collaborative presentation at a college in Corsicana earlier this month, blending web design student work with other art work at Navarro College. Like graphic design, web design is a central skill becoming more and more demanded in many professions. The exhibit offered students a chance to present their work to the audience and mingle with other types of … [Read more...]

Author and Web Design Pioneer Dies at 51

A pioneer in web design who died last week is being heralded by a professor at a web design school as a man who “brought web design to life” according to a New York Times report this month. “Hillman Curtis was a prominent first-generation Web designer and a visionary” the report declares. Curtis is the author of three main-stay textbooks at web design schools around the world. Over 150,000 … [Read more...]

Web Design Students Participate in Media Fest

Web design schools and colleges offering web design programs typically provide plenty of opportunities for students to show off their handy work. Many times, the result is a published web page that may help the community or serve a purpose for the student, school, or other organizations. Exhibits such as these are great for connecting students with potential employers and providing the … [Read more...]

Will All Schools Require Web Design to Earn a Degree?

Web design schools teach students how to be the best web designer they can be, but as we've mentioned numerous times – nearly all industries are turning to the web for one reason or another. Will this trend cause more students to enroll in web design classes, even when they aren't committing to a full web design school program? They may not have a choice. According to a reporter from U.S. World … [Read more...]

Edu Technology Spells Demand for Web Design Schools

A recent expo focusing on scholastic technology is just one more sign that web design schools will continue to be in high demand for years to come. As school districts steadily get on board with the latest and greatest in education technology, web design and development schools will need to be ready to handle a significant increase in interest from the newest generation of tech-savvy … [Read more...]

Web Design School and Computer Science Enrollments are Up

We often report on the high-demand for web designers in the current era; paying particular attention to how schools are really pushing the boundaries of education when keeping up with a new type of industry that is ever-changing and fast-paced. Earlier this week, a publisher of all things computer-related announced statistical findings proving that web design schools and other computer science … [Read more...]

Microsoft Eyes Students for Web Design Work

Huge technology company Microsoft is busy launching new products this season, but as one report points out they have their eye on another ball. They have launched several competitions for web design schools and students to help fulfill some of the company’s ambitions. Winning a major competition hosted by Microsoft while a student is still in web design school can pay off in big way now and … [Read more...]

Web Design Students Develop Safe Mobile App

Students at a famous school studying web design have helped scientists develop a new mobile application to keep you safe when talking to other people. The CyLab at Carnegie Mellon has developed SafeSling, a mobile application developed at the school that provides  security during file transfers and when communicating using a mobile device. Adrian Perrig, technical director of Carnegie Mellon … [Read more...]