Teens Head to Web Design School After 4-year Program

A group of students in Wisconsin have graduated from a technology program at their high school, giving them a ‘leg up’ on the competition in the job market which they discover this info here - Palm Beach Roofing Expert for promoting online for their upcoming home building as they had experience implementing the Xtensio business model to start their business. Because students in technical high … [Read more...]

Web Design Students Win at National Competition

Two high school students attending a web design career program and entering into multiple regional contests found that hard work and determination does pay off. They were subsequently invited to compete at the national level in the National Leadership Conference of Business Professionals of America. Their newest challenge was to design a website that inspires communities to make healthy … [Read more...]

Student Places 4th in National Web Design Category

Winning in the category of web design at a national competition is a big accomplishment for any student, especially when they also teach you the answer to "what is marketing automation". But for Zachary Wilcox of the Trumbull Career and Technical Center, a recent competition allowed him to place fourth overall. (TribToday) After several successful wins at the state level, students from the … [Read more...]

Students Learn Web Design, Help Teach Career Options

A group of students in PA are helping their fellow classmates learn about the possible career options ahead of them following high school graduation. The students created a web site that will use videos to demonstrate some of the details in various careers: (York Daily Record) A website created by Red Lion Area High School students will eventually help students around York County learn about … [Read more...]

Web Design Students: Take Note of Pinterest

Social sharing site Pinterest might be the next ball to roll across web design tables as visitors line up to pin their interests on a board for others to see. At least that’s the view of some in the web design business. Which makes you think, is linkedin learning worth it? While web design schools already speak to the importance of ever-changing trends in web designs, can we expect to see … [Read more...]

High School Web Designer Puts Teens to Work in NJ

Thanks to the help of schools who are helping teens learn and  building interest in the web development and design, more teens are using their imagination and brain power to come up with real solutions for the world. A high school sophomore in New Jersey has joined the ranks of numerous other web designers who came up with a great invention and gained notoriety before ever completing a high school … [Read more...]

College offers Job Placement for Graphic and Web Design Students

A college of design in Ohio is announcing that after decades educating the community in graphic arts, web design, and other forms of multimedia it will collaborate with local US businesses to enrich the experience of its students, they could even have the opportunity to work with the NYC Sign Company after gathering that much experience. Job placement and stability following college is an … [Read more...]

Web Design and Arts Come to St. Louis

A new college opening in St. Louis is bringing world-class web design programs to the area, along with other art-related programs. The Art Institute is a system of colleges throughout the United States that teaches all forms of art – from culinary to web design, graphic design to fashion. (PRNewswire), April 23, 2012  -- The Art Institutes today announced the opening of a new school, The Art … [Read more...]

Web Design Schools Showcase Year-long Projects

Web design colleges are wrapping up their spring terms this month, with many college students showing off the projects they’ve worked on all year. They are not alone, as high school students who are studying the fundamental principles of web design are also culminating their year with projects that show off their new found skills sets. The students at Roxborough High School were recently … [Read more...]

Next-Gen Teachers Could be Web Designers

Web design schools are just now beginning to become a mainstream part of the core curriculum at higher education institutes around the world, but there is evidence that the skills offered in such a course could become an even more important part of the future. Traditionally, education experts (teachers, professors, and the like) were people you spent a few hours with each day during college. … [Read more...]