Web Design Classes: Learning the Basics of Design

Web design schools offer everything from certificate to graduate degree programs, but to get to that point students must first learn the basics of design. Web design is not just about building pleasing web sites; it is about technology, art, mobility, and much more. The basics of web design classes teach students everything they need to know about what a web designer does, the tools they use, and … [Read more...]

Web Design Class: Learning Mobile Web Applications

Web design classes about mobile web design are becoming a staple at web design schools around the world. For every website designed for use by an end-user, the designers and owners typically consider a modified version of the website for use with a mobile phone or small portable device. Smart phones have made mobile web design and important aspect of communicating with customers and prospective … [Read more...]

Who Should Take Web Design Classes?

Web design classes are a great way to learn what makes a website appealing to an online audience. Everything visible on a website, right down to the order of links and the layout of the page, is the work of a web designer. While not all web designers attended formal classes to learn the art of design, most competitive professionals spent some time in college learning how to be really good at web … [Read more...]

Why Attend Web Design School?

Web designers, Webmasters, and Web Programmers are all seeing increased demand in today’s job market. While there are many paths to success in these new career fields, a good web design school is the best way to acquire the skills you need to succeed.  Employers prefer to hire people with formal education and training.  A certificate or degree from an accredited school will give you an extra edge … [Read more...]

Web Design Classes

Web designers are very much in demand these days as more and more companies and corporations turn to the internet for advertising and marketing campaigns.  Students who are naturally artistic are the best candidates for a bachelor’s degree program in web design.  In a web design class, you will learn the technical skills required to create and design web pages.  Web design classes will teach you … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Website – Learn Web Design

Learning HTML and other basic elements of web design is not as difficult as you think. You can create your own amazing websites, handle marketing automation solution and manage your own domain.  To be successful at web design, you must have a passion for computers plus creativity and artistic talent.  You can learn web design on your own or take special web design classes to get you … [Read more...]

What Do Search Engines Look For?

When optimizing your website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, it is important to know what they are looking for. If you spend a lot of time developing a web page without considering what search engines are looking for, you are potentially wasting your time. While search engines evaluate many criteria, the two main factors used when determining a website's importance are content … [Read more...]

How to Build One Way Links to Your Website

One of the most important factors search engines use when ranking your website is your site's link popularity. While many know they need to increase their link popularity, not everyone knows how to do so efficiently or effectively. More than a numbers game, the type of links to your website are also important. A one-way link is when someone places a link to your site on their website without … [Read more...]

Ethical Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your Web site is extremely important if you want to be ranked well in the search engine results for your particular keywords. Most site owners focus on the technical aspects of search engine optimization when they are improving their sites. If you own a business and want to maintain your reputation, you should also consider the ethical aspects of search engine optimization. While some … [Read more...]

Vlogs: Blogging at 30 Frames per Second

The advent of blogging was brought about by the synergy of free hosting services and widely available technology. A few years later, cheaper video cameras and video editing software were thrown into the mix and we saw the next step in blogging – video blogging. Video blogs, shortly known as vlogs, are basically blogs whose content is primarily video. Aside from that variation in content, … [Read more...]