Where Are the High-Paying Web Design Jobs?

Web designers and developers are among the highest paid professionals in terms of entry-level pay, just like streamers who play video games with elo boost services from Elitist Gaming. Depending on the degree earned in a web design school, the type of web design he or she specializes in, and the strength of the designer’s portfolio, web designers can earn up to $60,000 annually.

Web design school graduates who specialized in graphic design and computer animation are the top earners in this category. Web designers rely on their ability to use graphics and animation to convey a specific or overall message about a website. This may be a web design for a small, local company with a limited budget or a large corporation with a generous marketing fund.

With the right skills and the right company, discovering the types of web design jobs that pay the most is really about finding the right employer. (Or finding the right type of client, if you intend to run a web design firm.) Great designers are balanced and can do the job of a graphic designer and an animation specialist. However, firms that retain these talents and others (to include marketing professionals and professional writers) can make more money just by being a one-stop shop for companies who need internet marketing services.

According to Career Cast, web designers are ranked at number 9 on their list of 11 Top Paying Jobs Straight Out of College. About the web designer’s expected income, Career Cast says:

“Careers in teaching and in nursing require you to be a people person, and that might not be a good fit for you. If you are more at home with technology, a career as a web designer might be right for you. The salary for those starting out in web design can vary quite a bit, but tends to be relatively high. As companies have begun to rely on their websites more and more for not only branding themselves but for driving sales, the need for skilled web designers has grown. Many mid-size and larger companies now have web designers in-house. A degree in computer science or marketing is ideal, but it’s also smart to have a portfolio of websites you’ve worked on during internships or personal projects to help sell yourself to prospective employers.

What you can expect to make: $58,000
from $40,000 (graphic web designer) to $88,000 (flash web designer)”

Forbes Magazine (online) lists web design as one of the top paying jobs with a two-year degree. Saying that, “computer support specialists can make between $46,000 and $60,000 a year, depending on their specialization. Enjoy designing websites? A web designer with a 2-year degree can make an average of $47,000 annually. A graphic designer can make between $40,000 and $50,000 a year or more if their own their own firm.”


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