Different Types of Web Hosting

There are many web hosting companies available for you to choose from. Some hosting companies specialize in a particular type of web hosting although for the most part most hosting companies offer the following types of web hosting options:

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting, also known as virtual hosting, is where many websites are sharing space on the same physical web server. Depending on the web host, one physical web server can hosts hundreds of different websites. Go for website hosting comparison and choice best one.

Shared web hosting is the most popular form of hosting due to it’s low cost. Since the web server is shared by many websites, the costs associated with the web server including the diskspace, computer processing power, bandwidth, and memory are also shared. The drawback to shared hosting for the web site owner is that because you are sharing the web resources of the server, your site’s performance can be negatively effected by the other sites stored on the server. Shared hosting plans csot between $5 – $20 per month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means the customer is assigned a specific web server exclusively for their own use. Because the server is exclusively assigned to a specific customer, they have a much greater level of control over it. They can modify the software configuration, handle greater site traffic and scale the bandwidth as necessary. Dedicated hosting is more expenseive that shared hosting, typically costing between $100 – $500 per month. Because of the high cost, dedicated hosting is typically used only by high traffic web sites. If you need someone who can help you with getting more traffic then get the traffic manager by Function Point.

Co-location Hosting

Co-location hosting is similar to dedicated hosting however the customer owns the web server hardware as opposed to the web hosting company owning the server and the customer is simply renting it. Like dedicated hosting, the co-location servers are stored and maintained in the hosting company’s secure data center. This represents the best of both worlds for the customer. They have full control of their server and it is monitoted around the clock with the hosting company’s data center. Depending on the monthly bandwidth and other features, co-location hosting ranges from $500 – $1000 per month.
Reseller Hosting

Many hosting companys offer a reseller plan or program. Basically you sign up for the plan and receive hosting at a discounted rate from the hosting company. You then resell the hosting to your customers. Resellers are usually web designers, web developers, or consulting companies who offer the web hosting as a add-on in addition to their other services.

Discounts that resellers receive range from 10% – 50%. Resellers are typically allowed to set their own pricing and in some cases, even offer the hosting under their own brand name.

When choosing a hosting provider, you should not simply look for the lowest price. More important than price is the quality of the service and support provided. Like many things, you get what you pay for.

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