Web Design School: Choosing a Career Path

Web design schools teach students how to become a professional web designer – a trade that encompasses not only great design skills but business skills, planning, and client services. These skills are essential to any web design school graduate, but especially those who want to go into business for themselves following graduation.

Web design schools prepare students for any range of employment opportunities, so it is important to understand that the education one receives in college can apply directly to this fast-growing industry. According to the popular web design schools and graduates, web design students are able to make real choices in choosing a career path and are less likely to be confined by industry demand in niche divisions of the industry.

About.com says, “There are so many different job titles and job descriptions for Web workers that it can be bewildering to try to find one that suits you. When I did a quick search on the About.com Search Jobs site, I found 8 different titles in just the first 10 results.”

Some of the common titles include:

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Writer
  • Web Producer
  • Freelancer

Unless you decide to freelance, you need to figure out a title that is close to what you want to do. I think of the work as encompassing: design, programming, writing, and HTML. If you’re interested in graphics or layout the Web designer position might interest you. While if you’re more interested in programming and scripting, then looking for a job as a Web developer or Web programmer might fit the bill.

But how do you decide which is best for you?

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To answer this question, we looked to Joshua Johnson at DesignShack.com. Joshua says:

I’ve seen “front-end” design jobs with years of hardcore coding knowledge requirements, “senior” design jobs that are in reality quite low level, and companies calling for expertise in UX without even knowing what it is. The simple truth is, you can’t always judge a job by its title but will have to look at its requisites and expected daily activities to be sure.


Before we get into specific areas of the industry, you should familiarize yourself with some of the basic levels that you can expect to be placed at in any given specialty. Whether you’re in package design or UI, you’ll find that there’s a hierarchy to climb your way up if you want to reach the top and make the big bucks.

Mac Operator/Entry Level Designer

Mac Operator (sometimes written “MAC Operator”) is a term that you almost never hear in web design but appears frequently in the print industry. Other terms like “Mac specialist,” “artworker,” “entry level designer,” or even simply “graphic designer” are often equivalent.

Read more about entry level designers, mid-level and senior level descriptions from Joshua here.

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