Top Resources for Students at Web Design School

Students attending a web design school and those who plan to do so in the next year can enrich their learning experience and stay up to date on issues facing their future profession with the right resources. Web-savvy students have always been on the leading edge of technology, but more and more are learning that paying attention to valuable resources is one of the best things they can do for their education and future careers.

CGU Writing Center makes great recommendations for web design students. They’ve listed important websites for students who might need help from time-to-time with class work and outside projects. This site lists everything from well-known HTML resources like Webmonkey: Intro to HTML to FTP help at Computersmiths: WS-FTP Tutorial. (Read the whole list here.)

Blogs are a great place to learn first-hand information from the people who are already in the design industry, as well. Web design school students and teachers blog too, so seek them out for insight into the education process for this genre of design.

One favorite is a class project called “Writing for Designers” (see it here) and includes a recent post discussing 5 Tips for Design Students, which includes:

  1. Don’t be afraid of the web
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment
  3. Always have business cards, and always carry them with you
  4. Take your class projects further
  5. Make a habit of talking about your work.

For the latest news and information in the web design industry, 100 Excellent Twitter Feeds for Tech-Savvy Students is a great place for students to start. This list includes Twitter gurus including:

  • @computerworld: This magazine tweets about Apple, the Kindle, Google, Microsoft and other top tech issues.
  • @macTweeter: Follow @macTweeter for Apple news, iTunes lists and more.
  • @ITPRO: This UK magazine covers all things IT.
  • @Techmeme: Coming out of San Francisco, Techmeme aims to be the “web’s technology news site of record.”
  • @TechCrunch: This popular tech site features product reviews, tech news, and editorials.

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Some of the most important resources are those related to the technology and programs that students learn to use during their years at a web design school and include:

  • @EverythingMS: Windows geeks will find everything related to Microsoft here.
  • @putdotio: This new online storage system is just starting to tweet about its new updates and plans for the future.
  • @MyAndroidCell: They may not follow you back, but subscribe to this feed to keep up with Android releases and gossip.
  • @bit-tech: Gamers and programmers in the UK connect on this site and Twitter feed for news, reviews and more.
  • @smallnetbuilder: If you’re into network design, troubleshooting or engineering, you should visit this feed, from

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