How to Build One Way Links to Your Website

One of the most important factors search engines use when ranking your website is your site’s link popularity. While many know they need to increase their link popularity, not everyone knows how to do so efficiently or effectively.

More than a numbers game, the type of links to your website are also important. A one-way link is when someone places a link to your site on their website without asking you to link to their site in return. One-way links are viewed as more “natural” and therefore more valuable in the eyes of the search engines.

While the process of gaining links to your website is time consuming, the results are definitely worth the effort.

How to begin building one-way links

Research is an important first step when building links. You first have to decide what search terms or phrases you want to rank highly for. There are various tools available to help you with this step such as Wordtracker’s keyword suggestion tool and Google’s AdWords keyword tool.

Once you have compiled your keyword list, you then should identify the authority sites in your niche or market. Do a simple Google search and evaluate the sites that rank highly for the same keywords you are targeting.

Spend some time visiting these sites. While evaluating each site, make note of the type of content they have as well as their contact information.

Next you should then begin contacting the owners of these sites by email.

Keep your email short and to the point. Introduce yourself and your website. Tell the site owner why you are contacting them and why they should link to you. Don’t use a form email. Write it yourself and ideally include some information that shows you actually viewed this person’s website. The message should be unique to your website and your personality.

The next step is to follow up with the site owners if you don’t here back from them after a few days.

Again, keep your email short and to the point. Webmasters get a lot of email. Show them you value their time by not wasting it with a long email. Reiterate how both your website visitors and theirs would benefit from a relationship. Ask them to please reply to your email, even if they are not interested. This way, you will know if they are actually reading your emails.

Another method you can use to contact website owners is to us the phone. In this age of email, we ofter forget we can contact people using the telephone. Obviously you need to have the person’s phone number in order to call them. If it’s not listed on the website, you can try checking the site’s whois record.

Some people don’t like to use the phone but that is precisely why they method is effective. You have to do that which others are unable or unwilling to do if you want to be successful. Give some thought to what you want to say to the site owner before you call them.

Building links to your website is not difficult. Though time consuming, link building is a critical piece of the puzzle for achieving high search engine rankings.