How to Choose a Web Design School

Choosing a web design school may be more detailed than most think. In order to compete in the marketplace with vetted designers who learned everything they know through years of experience with a budding internet era, students need to consider the depth of the program at any web design school they may choose.

Web design is one of the few growing industries where there are a fair number of professionals that never went to school, even though web design degrees are becoming “the norm” as they relate to landing a good-paying job. It’s a controversy in web design circles – but there is very strong evidence that a degree from a web design school is just as important as that experience, if not more so. Guide Jennifer Kyrnin puts it into perspective:

“Web designers should focus their education on design – graphics and layout. Most companies hiring designers want people who are visually artistic. You should study color theory and composition and get a degree in visual arts or visual design.

Focus your education on design and less on building Web pages specifically. The sad fact is that most Web designers have spent a lot more time learning HTML and how to use Dreamweaver than they have learning anything about white space and creating a design that flows. If you get educated in classical design techniques and skills and then learn how to apply them to Web pages you will stand out as a designer.” (Read more.)

Last summer, Kayleigh Williams published an article directed at individuals who were interested in web design as profession that wanted to explore college opportunities that does a good job at explaining what to look for in a web design school. She starts with the fact that choosing the right college for a web design degree is a bit different than other professions.

Many web design schools offer just basic degree programs in design while others delve into the deeper meaning, philosophy, and future of the industry. So, it is important to consider the level of education you need for the type of web design job you’d like to have after graduation.

The article goes on to discuss the right questions to ask when choosing a web design school, including:

“What technology is available to you? Specifically check out the computer labs on campus and what software is provided – Is your program Mac or PC based? Do they provide the latest Adobe software? Is a laptop required? These are all important to consider before committing to any program.” (Read more.)

In the article, eight listed tips for choosing a web design school include critical questions like those above and knowing which classes are best for your career path.  The first tip is to develop a game plan, which is an important step in any college education. For those who want to attend a web design school, there are more special considerations that one may think:

“Planning is an important step towards any goal. One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to go into school with a strong foundation of knowledge. If you are interested in a career in the web design industry, make sure to research that industry as much as you can. Read books, articles, magazines, and anything else you can get your hands on that is related to the industry. The more you learn about your intended field, the better suited you will be to make decisions that will be in your best interests for the future.” (Read more.)